In-Home Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies can cause significant stress for you and your family

Problems such as pipe bursts or backed-up toilets may also cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. The Safety Valve In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair any water or drainage pipes that block or leak inside your home.

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Our In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan covers service for:

  • All water pipes, fittings, and valves up to the shut off valve at each fixture, including the main shut-off valve
  • All broken or clogged drainage pipes from your fixtures
  • Clogged or overflowing toilets and blocked sewer vents

With the In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan, you're covered

Complete repair of any leaking water or drain lines inside your home, in accordance with your plan limits.

Emergency support available 24/7 through our Safety Valve Repair Line.

Guaranteed expert emergency repairs by a locally licensed and insured service contractor.

Frequently asked questions

There are (3) ways to make a payment:

1. Make a pay by phone, please call 800-713-1613 (Available 24/7)

2. Make a pay online by login into your account at

3. Make a pay by mail:  Safety Valve, PO BOX 70348 Philadelphia, PA 19176-9942


To start a claim you must call Safety Valve directly at 
1-800-223-7019. Work must be done by a Safety Valve referred contractor to be covered so do NOT call a contractor directly or your claim will not be covered.
We do not cover the opening or closing of walls to gain access to pipes. Opening of walls to allow access to pipes is Your responsibility. You are responsible for closing the wall after the repair is complete. Check your homeowners insurance policy; it may cover the cost of handling lead paint and/or closing the wall.
No. The customer is responsible for making the area of the repair accessible. Therefore, the customer must move or remove any obstructions before work can begin.

No. The In-Home Plumbing Protection is for broken, clogged, or leaking water or sewer pipes inside your home. It does not cover the thawing or bypassing of frozen water/sewer pipes. If a pipe does break due to freezing or thawing, this Plan does not cover any damages.

All fixtures and appliances such as faucets, toilet components, all kitchen goods, showers, sinks and tubs etc. are not covered. The In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan is designed to protect the pipes that carry fresh water and wastewater around the house, not the fixtures or appliances where water is used. See your plan's Terms and Conditions for more details.
  • All leaking internal clean water pipes (hot or cold), fittings and valves from the point the supply enters the house up to and including the shut-off valve before each fixture
  • Clogs that cause a toilet to back up / overflow
  • All clogged or broken drainpipes from sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and laundry to the point where the drain exits the house
  • Blocked sewer vents
  • The main shut-off valve

Please see your specific plan's Terms & Conditions for more information.

Yes. There is a $30 service charge for each service call incident. This charge is payable to the contractor on site before the technician starts work.
The In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan allows for up to $2,000 of repairs annually. The maximum benefit limit is three (3) Service Calls per Term.
Customers who own a single-family detached residential home. You may enter your service address above to determine if this plan is available in your service area.
All plans take effect 30 days after the enrollment is processed and payment received, regardless of whether you pay by check, bank account or with a credit card. In some cases, we may need to perform an on-site inspection, so we provide customers with a 30-day window to account for this possibility.

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